Lukoil still keen on Ammoni

Lukoil remains interested in buying the Ammoni plant (Tatarstan), the company has submitted a bid for the entire stock of shares, as explained by Vagit Alkperov, the Head of Lukoil.

‘Let the current owners and the government of Tatarstan take their decisions. We have submitted a bid, but it is not an aggressive one. We have bid for the whole parcel of stock,’ he said.

‘We have planned to have a similar facility in Budennovsk: the production of urea and ammonia, too. Therefore, the company’s objective for Ammoni was to give a work-out to all the technologies, to the markets, establish logistics, marketing and then, starting to implement a large gas chemical project of our own, to understand the market, to understand the economics of this project. For us, these are strategic projects, I refer to chemical utilization of natural gas,’ he added.

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