New Tech Minerals turns from cobalt to potassium

The Canadian company New Tech Minerals acquired the American Sweetwater River Resources, which is intending to implement a potash and brine exploration and development project within the Paradox basin (Utah, USA).

Now, having become the owner of Sweetwater River Resources, New Tech Minerals is going to conduct large-scale exploration work, on the basis of which the decision on the development of potash deposits will be made. Its experts expect to discover between 600 million to 1 billion tons of sylvinite suitable for mining.

Currently, New Tech Minerals is interested in the Cycle No. 5 of the Paradox basin. Its Exploration Target is located near the Moab potash mine owned by Intrepid Potash.

In addition to the potash project, New Tech Minerals is engaged in the exploration and development of several cobalt projects in the USA.

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