Helping smallholder farmers in Ghana

Agro Master, a distribution company, has launched a credit scheme for sales of mineral fertilizers and plant protection products to support small-scale farmers in Ghana.

After a successful pilot project, the scheme was rolled out in the Eastern Region of the country. Under its terms, the farmers must register in order to participate in it, then they will receive the agrochemicals they need. They can pay for them later, either before or after the harvest.

The Director of Agro Master, Mr. Edmund Mingle, explained that the scheme was specifically designed to provide farmers with flexible payment terms. The state mineral fertilizer subsidy program in place in Ghana is not always effective, and a lot of small-scale farmers don’t have money to purchase mineral fertilizers on time and in the right quantity.

“To be able to harvest a good yield, fertilizer and other chemicals have to be applied on schedule, in the right quantity, and at the right place,” he said.

Once the scheme is introduced in the Eastern Region of Ghana, it will be extended to the Central Region.

In addition, Agro Master will provide farm advisory services to the beneficiary farmers to educate them on the best farming practices.

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