K+S Group sells Baltic Train

K+S Group sells its Baltic Train container train to modal 3 Logistik GmbH, the former Börde Container Feeder (BCF). This is a joint venture between Rhein-Umschlag, Walter Lauk Containerspedition and K+S Transport, which has since been merged into K+S Kali. The companies are each one third shareholders of modal 3 Logistik.

The divestment is being made against the background of the implementation of K+S’s new Shaping 2030 corporate strategy, aimed at strengthening the Group’s market and customer focus. However, K+S Group’s participation in modal 3 Logistik will continue.

“The Baltic Train has proved to be a good and competitive alternative to other transportation routes,” says Martin Brown, responsible for Supply Chain Management at the Europe+ Operating Unit of K+S Group. “Its operation, however, was associated with high logistical efforts for K+S. As part of Shaping 2030, we want to reduce complexity within the Group.”

The Baltic Train currently runs up to three times a week between Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Philippsthal (Werra). It also offers a direct connection from the K+S Bergmannssegen-Hugo site in the Hanover area to the seaports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven. A team of seven employees currently provides all the usual services relating to container transportation on the stated routes. Selling the business means a partial transition for the employees, and they will continue to work for the new employer.

“We continue to be interested in a successful business development of modal 3 Logistik and will continue to be shareholders”, emphasizes Martin Brown. “With this acquisition, modal 3 Logistik is strengthening its range of services and has a unique selling proposition in the logistics market by bundling combined transportation routes”.

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