Water soluble fertilizers have started to gain popularity in Russia

Production of mineral fertilizers in Russia has grown by 4.8% in the first ten months of this year amounting to 19.694 million tons (in terms of 100% of nutrients), according to the official data from the Federal State Statistics Service.

The nitrogen fertilizer output has increased by 4.8% to 9.316 million tons, the phosphorus fertilizer output – by 3.2% to 3.443 million tons, and potash fertilizer production has gone up by 5.6% to 6.935 million tons.

The mineral fertilizer supply scaled up by 13.8% in January-October 2019 to reach 3.248 million tons, as reported by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

“The growth in the mineral fertilizer production is indicative of the expansion of demand for them both in our country and abroad. At that, the Hydrometallurgical Plant restarted a year ago has made its contribution to it,” said Andrey Korobov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Almaz Group. “Thanks to the program of financial rehabilitation and production optimization put in place there, shipments of water soluble fertilizers to domestic and foreign consumers have increased by 22% from the beginning of the year amounting to 5.7 thousand tons per month.”

Andrey Korobov pointed out that, to a large extent, the growth in shipments from the Hydrometallurgical Plant was facilitated by the changes in the farmers’ preferences, i.e. the farmers are increasingly using advanced technologies to increase their crop yields. While prices for phosphate fertilizers dropped dramatically, prices of water soluble fertilizers were not impacted by the decline because of the high added value.

“A great many of agricultural producers have begun to pay close attention to the use of water soluble fertilizers, which provide both, significant cost reduction for a number of crops and land-use types compared to the use of traditional agrochemicals and increase in the crop productivity,” added Andrei Korobov.

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