Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers to launch a new complex

Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers (part of Uralchem) has taken an important step in implementing an investment project to scale up the production of water soluble fertilizers sold under the brands Solar and Aqua Drop. Namely, works on the creation of an automated complex in the compound mineral fertilizers division, ammophos shop No. 2, are nearing completion. It is planned to produce up to 18 thousand tons of relevant products per year there.

The steps to modernize the facility include the expansion of the division production site, the construction of a warehouse to store raw materials used for fertilizer production, and the restoration of railways to unload raw materials. With a view to the project implementation, the modern equipment, which minimizes the use of manual labor in the production of fertilizer mixtures, stabilizes the production process and improves product quality, have been purchased. Thus, the necessary chemical components (micronutrient elements, conditioner, magnesium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, urea and dyes), which used to be prepared manually, will be automatically supplied to four additional tanks included in the technological chain of the compound mineral fertilizers division, using an overhead crane and a discharger. The tanks will be equipped with dispensers to ensure a measured quantity of raw materials and dyes is supplied to the conveyor belt and then arrives to a new mixer. Afterwards, the finished product will proceed to packaging.

Building and installation works are currently underway at the compound mineral fertilizers division. By the end of December, adjusting and startup activities are to begin, and the construction of the warehouse is in progress. It is planned to launch a fertilizer blending installation into the production process before the end of this year.

“By modernizing the existing technological chain, we will not only almost double the production of fertilizer mixtures manufactured on the basis of Solar MAP, but will also reduce costs due to increasing labor capacity,” said Sergey Shulyatnikov, head of the compound mineral fertilizers division of the ammophos shop No. 2. “In addition, the autonomous new equipment and highly automated production processes will make it possible in the future to expand the range of manufactured brands of water soluble NPK fertilizers, especially since the demand for these products with unique composition and quality is constantly growing.”

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