Kemerovo Azot got a claim from a transportation carrier

A hearing regarding the claim by Ekstes-Transport against Kemerovo Azot (part of SDS Azot) is to be held in the Arbitration Court of Moscow on January 29.

According to the case file, Ekstes-Transport intends to collect nearly 3.155 million RUR (approximately $ 50,860), including around 3.117 million RUR (almost $ 50,250) for unjust enrichment, 31,743 RUR (about $ 512) for illegal retention of monetary funds.

Kemerovo Azot is one of the largest nitrogen fertilizer manufacturers in Russia. Its product line includes ammonia, urea, carbamide-ammonium mixture, and ammonium nitrate.

Ekstes-Transport is engaged in road, rail, multimodal transportation of goods, etc.

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