Davenport Resources has estimated Nohra-Elende’s potential

The pre-feasibility study on the Nohra-Elende project (Germany), prepared by the Australian company Davenport Resources, revealed the possibility of its implementation at current and forecast potash and fertilizer prices.

The inferred resource of Nohra-Elende are 1.7 billion tons at 9.7%. The study envisages a minimum 34-year mine life, with annual production of 575 thousand tons of MOP (muriate of potash), 640 thousand tons of Kieserite monohydrate (a high-value magnesium sulfate used in specialty fertilizers) and 1.28 million tons of industrial grade sodium chloride.

In addition to Nohra-Elende, Davenport Resources has several more projects in South Harz (Thuringia), which has a long history of production of potassium chloride from potassium salts – sylvinite and carnallite. The development of local deposits was carried out both by the mine method and by underground leaching. the German Democratic Republic (GDR), it was one of the most important centers for the potash salts production in Europe.

From a geological point of view, the Southern Harz is part of the Central European potassium-bearing basin, which formed in the Permian period. Potash deposits can be traced to a depth of 500 m to 1 km.

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