Vietnam extends safeguard actions on imports of phosphorus fertilizers

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam has decided to extend the safeguard measures on imported monoammonium phosphate and diammonium phosphate for the next two years.

According to his decision, the customs duty on the import of monoammonium phosphate stands at 1.05 million VND (about $ 46)per tonne until March 7 of next year, after which it will go down to 1.03 million VND ($ 44.3). It will be lowered to 1.01 million VND ($ 43.5) per tonne from March 7 till September 6, 2022. The rate of customs duty on the imported diammonium phosphate will change in the similar way.

Earlier, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, in conjunction with other government departments, examined the dynamics of the national fertilizer industry and the changes that had occurred since the safeguard measures on the import of agrochemicals were first imposed in March 2018.

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