Cashmere Capital has launched sales via Telegram

Specialists of Cashmere Capital, the exclusive trading house of the Hydrometallurgical Plant (Lermontov, Stavropol Krai), that produces water-soluble mineral fertilizers, have developed a convenient online exchange in Telegram, one of the most popular instant messaging services in the world.

Each client using the online exchange @Cashmerecap_bot is provided with personalized service, instant response to any request and instant provision of information. Other advantages of buying through the Telegram chat bot are that customers don’t have to download and install additional applications on their mobile devices, respectively, saving storage space, and stable operation even with the slowest Internet connection. So nowadays amidst the pandemic, when decisions need to be made quickly and clearly, customers will be able to receive unique offers through the online exchange.

“Remarkable features of our team have always been and will be customer focus and high technology. In the current situation of the global coronavirus outbreak, we cannot halt business operations, as we are a strategic enterprise. Stop working would mean reducing the yield, getting the hunger issue. But we can make buying as convenient, contactless and quick as possible. Our unique online exchange will help us to enlarge our customers base with both private farmers and small distributors. Thus, it is our step forward in supporting small and medium-sized businesses,” commented Edward Gurary, CCO at Cashmere Capital.

The Hydrometallurgical Plant is part of Almaz Group and specializes in the production of water-soluble fertilizers. It is one of the largest manufacturers of these products in Russia and the only producer in the CIS for several of them. Its range includes monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, monopotassium phosphate, potassium sulfate SOP, as well as granular fertilizers – ammophos and sulfoammophos.

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