Fields in the Ulyanovsk region will go digital

Students of Ulyanovsk State Agrarian University aimed to digitize the fields for the cultivation of crops in their region. They plan to use a free platform for precision farming to convert agriculture in their region to the modern format. The platform to be used can show the condition and growth of winter crops and also can help to calculate the rate of mineral fertilizer usage for a specific field for a certain crop and a given yield.

A special database will store all information gathered which would include planned work for a season, the number of equipment on the field and the map of cultivation. This would allow to get data online from any electronic device.

Ulyanovsk Agrarian University has prepared a special classroom which is named “digital agriculture laboratory”. Now students can train in digitization skills there. They have already digitized 500 hectares of the experimental field of the institution in the process of training.

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