Uralchem may hire Artificial Intelligence

Uralchem is considering the introduction of Artificial Intelligence at its enterprises. For this purpose, the company signed a cooperation agreement with the MTS telecom operator in the field of digitalization of production.

Employees of the MTS Industrial Automated Center are going to conduct a comprehensive audit of one of the company’s workshops. Then they will suggest a plan to increase the efficiency of the production process, develop a pulp quality control system and optimize the operation of boiler equipment.

MTS also plans to create a predictive model that will determine the composition of the product in the tank. Technologists will get recommendations from the system based on the data analysis and its comparison with the results of the laboratory analyzes. Optimization of the pulp’s chemical composition will improve the quality of fertilizers and reduce rejects.

MTS is considering a possibility to introduce the digital assistant, which in real-time will select an optimal mode of operation of boilers taking into account various parameters of the equipment and external conditions. The predictive model will be able to suggest optimal equipment operating mode that will increase the efficiency of the units.

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