PhosAgro develops biological fertilizers

PhosAgro took part in the business forum related to Agricultural Biotechnologies in BRICS: Food Security and Sustainability.

Starting the meeting, PhosAgro Marketing and Development Director Mikhail Sterkin reported that the BRICS countries would soon conclude a cooperation agreement in the field of agricultural biotechnology. The declaration will be signed at the summit in India in 2021.

“42% of the world population live in the BRICS countries, while only 27% of the cultivated lands are located there,” noted Mikhail Sterkin. “According to the demographic forecast, the population of the BRICS countries will annually increase by 7-10% until 2050. However, the size of the agricultural lands remains the same. In such conditions, we need to find a joint solution for sustainable development and food security without compromising food quality. Biotechnology is one of the ways to meet future challenges and develop agribusiness. Each country has its own experience in biotechnologies. We are to build a united direction of development following our cooperation.”

Technical Director of the Apatit Innovation Center (part of PhosAgro) Dmitry Demidov reported on soil health issues and the importance of microorganisms in the process of growing crops.

According to Dmitry Demidov’s statement, the development of biotechnologies will significantly increase yield without harming the ecosystem, as well as will allow us to reach a new level of agricultural development. In the future, biotechnologies will help to solve the issue of food security in the BRICS countries, particularly and in the world as a whole.

“That is the reason why PhosAgro is creating special biological and biomineral fertilizers. Environmental sustainability means soil health, biodiversity, safety for people, animals and the ecosystem as a whole,” said Dmitry Demidov. According to his report, BRICS cooperation at the international level (state, business, science) will allow us to apply new environmentally friendly fertilizers, plant protection agents, and growth stimulants, as well as to unlock the export potential of the countries and preserve fertility of soils for future generations.

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