India will receive 600 thousand tons of potash from Israel

Israel Chemicals signed a contract with Indian Potash to supply an aggregate 600,000 metric tons of potash – with mutual options for an additional 50,000 metric tons – to be supplied through December 2021. The agreed selling price in the contract is $280 per ton, $50 per tonne above the previous contract. The contract is part of the five-year supply agreement signed in 2018 between Israel Chemicals and Indian Potash.

“The contract we have signed in India, one of Israel Chemicals’s strategic markets, is part of the five-year supply agreement we signed in 2018 with Indian Potash. This contract further testifies to the leading position of the Israel Chemicals has in this market and reflects the growing positive momentum in the fertilizer market globally. Favorable weather conditions, an increase in planted areas, and tight supply are contributing to solid global demand for potash,” said Eli Amon, Israel Chemicals’s Chief Commercial Officer.

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