BASF and Tecnalia introduced an innovative image analysis technology

The German concern BASF and the European research center Tecnalia announced the creation of an automatic image analysis technology that allows determining the species composition and prevalence of pests and diseases of plants grown in fields and greenhouses.

“Our partnership with Tecnalia, which began in 2014, allows us to use the most advanced algorithms based on artificial intelligence and machine learning,” said BASF’s representative Ramon Navarra-Mestre. “This powerful new technology provides us with more reliable information from our global network of farm stations since image analysis can be performed more frequently and give more objective data compared to traditional methods.”

Processing large amounts of data provided by BASF, Tecnalia is constantly improving its algorithms.

“The more information we get, the more reliable and meaningful will be results that we send to BASF,” said Jone Echazarra Head of Computer Vision at Tecnalia.

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