Russian authorities are not planning to limit mineral fertilizer exports

According to the press-service of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the Ministry won’t introduce export duties on mineral fertilizers amid the growth of purchases for the spring season. At the same time, domestic farmers will acquire most of the mineral fertilizers for spring sowing already this year.

“To avoid peak demand, many farmers are already preparing for spring 2022 and purchasing mineral fertilizers in advance. Thus, procurement has shifted from spring 2022 to autumn 2021. We expect most of the mineral fertilizers for spring fieldwork of 2022 will be purchased this year,” the press-service said.

The Ministry recalled that the largest Russian producers of mineral fertilizers have frozen prices for their products until the end of the year amid a sharp rise in world prices.

“These measures are aimed at improving the level and quality of preparing for spring fieldwork in the situation of sharp changes in the price environment on world markets,” noted the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

Source: TASS

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