Russia may ban fertilizer exports to the United States

Taking into account sanctions against Russia imposed by the Western countries, led by the United States, we have to reconsider the supply of mineral fertilizers and other key goods to these countries, said Sergey Mironov, the leader of the faction A Just Russia — For Truth.

“Let them first return our gold and foreign exchange reserves, allow imports of the goods we need, and then buy what they want for rubles,” said Sergey Mironov.

Earlier, the US authorities have removed Russian mineral fertilizers, which occupy a significant part of the US market, from the sanctioned list.

“Our overseas “partners” are not used to paying for the armed conflicts and trade wars they organize around the world. They are used to making money on them. But this will not happen again — Russia has changed its approach, and the whole world is changing,” Sergey Mironov noted.

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