Russian pesticide producers plan to reduce production costs

Until the end of 2023, pesticide manufacturers of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) received an opportunity to reduce import duties to 0% on some active components required for their production, which are not produced in Russia. The import of active substances is allowed without duties if their intended purpose — the production of chemical plant protection products — is approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

“Duty-free imports of active ingredients is a significant support for domestic pesticide manufacturers, contributing to the development of the production of modern and highly effective plant protection products and increasing their competitiveness in the domestic markets both in Russia and in the EAEU. Zero rates of customs duties on key raw materials will allow increasing the production of plant protection products in Russia and increasing revenues to the budgets of all levels. It will also indirectly contribute to import substitution and increase the supply of domestic farmers with the products necessary for crop production,” said Vladimir Alginin, Deputy General Director of the Avgust company.

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