Cashmere Capital will support domestic producers of fruits and vegetables

Cashmere Capital, the exclusive trading house of the Almaz Fertilizers plant (part of Almaz Group) — the producer of water-soluble and granular mineral fertilizers, has joined the National Union of Fruit and Vegetable Producers. The members of the union are the largest agricultural holdings in Russia, which cooperate to ensure a favorable environment for the sustainable functioning of the agro-industrial complex and the development of the market for open and protected ground vegetables, fruits, berries and mushrooms.

Cashmere Capital will provide significant support in achieving the Union’s goal since the needs of Russian farmers are the company’s priority. The Almaz Group’s technologies will help to increase yields and improve product quality. The company’s portfolio includes pure water-soluble monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, monopotassium phosphate, and potassium sulfate, as well as granular fertilizers, namely ammophos and sulfoammophos. Almaz Group’s products do not contain cadmium and other heavy metals, which is why they serve not only to significantly increase yields but also to save the health of the soil.

Almaz Fertilizers meets the high standards of the world’s best manufacturers of 100% water-soluble products and often exceeds them. The company’s clients are large agricultural holdings and international traders in 67 countries of the world and domestic distributors.

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