Farmers of the Primorsk region will purchase 71 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers

The area for sowing of rice cultures in Primorsk region is planned to be increased by 2.3 thousand hectares to 10 thousand hectares in 2023, said the Minister of Agriculture of the region Andrey Bronts.

“The sowing campaign in 2023 will begin in late March – early April. The planned sown area is 465 thousand hectares (98% of the 2022 level) due to a decrease of 2% for soybeans. In 2023, it’s planned to increase the sown area of rice to 10 thousand hectares (by 2.3 thousand hectares, which will additionally give more than 5 thousand tons of rice),” Andrey Bronts reported.

According to his statement, preparations for the sowing campaign have already begun. In particular, farmers plan to purchase 71 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers, while 26.3 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers are in warehouses. Crop protection suppliers have a full range of products in stock.

Source: TASS

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