Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers implemented environment protection measures

Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers (part of Uralchem) reported on the results of work in the field of environmental safety. In 2022, expenses and investments for environmental protection amounted to 591 million rubles (almost $7.25 million).

The company implemented a set of measures to upgrade and modernize equipment, aimed at improving the environmental safety of production and technological processes. In the ammophos workshop No. 2 and the phosphoric acid workshop No. 3, work was carried out to restore pallets and waterproofing coatings at several levels. These measures made it possible to exclude the possibility of pollutants entering the environment in case of an emergency.

In the ammophos workshop No. 2, nozzles in absorbers were repaired, which ensured more efficient operation of gas purification units. In the shop of contact sulfuric acid, in order to improve the operation of the equipment and possibly reduce the volume of effluents, ion-exchange resins were replaced.

In the shop for neutralization and treatment of industrial wastewater, aeration tank No. 4 was repaired with the replacement of aerators, a major overhaul of two secondary settling tanks and new drive carts were installed, as well as a new sludge scraper was installed on the primary settling tank No. 1. A major overhaul of the air blower was also carried out. These measures made it possible to stabilize the operation of the shop and improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment.

In 2022, the first stage of a large-scale project to replace artesian water supply networks was completed. In total, more than seven kilometers of pipelines have been installed. For the implementation of relevant activities in 2022-2023, 100 million rubles (approximately $1.225 million) are provided. As part of the work to reduce the volume of wastewater, the employees of the Central Viet Conservatory carried out the repair of river water pipelines, as well as the cleaning of the water area of ​​reservoir No. 1.

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