Russia-Brazil Council of Entrepreneurs held a webinar for the Brazilian entrepreneurs

Head of the Russia-Brazil Council of Entrepreneurs and the President of the Russian Fertilizer Producers Association (RFPA) Andrey Guryev held a webinar “Doing business in Russia in the current geopolitical realities” for Brazilian colleagues.

The event, organized by the Russia-Brazil Council of Entrepreneurs, the Brazilian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Culture and Tourism and the international law firm Heres Legal, was held as part of a series of webinars for Russian and Brazilian entrepreneurs.

The leading role of Russian producers of mineral fertilizers in the development of business ties between the two countries was emphasized by Russian Ambassador to Brazil Alexei Labetsky.

Amid the rapid growth of Russian-Brazilian trade, mineral fertilizers remain the locomotive of Russian exports, which account for 67% of Russian exports and 23% of the total Brazilian need for imports of these products. One-fifth of all Russian fertilizers exported to Brazil are produced by PhosAgro, the leading Russian producer of phosphorus-containing fertilizers.

“I’m deeply convinced that in the short term, the main trade and investment ties will develop through those large Russian companies that are engaged in the production and supply of fertilizers to Brazil. Brazil has grown into an agro-industrial giant over the past 20 years, and its soils require constant attention. Our companies are good at this task. We need to develop new responses to modern challenges that have appeared before the Russian and Brazilian business circles,” the ambassador said.

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