Empowering African Farmers: African Development Bank’s $11.7 Million Boosts Access to Fertilizers

In a significant move to support African farmers, the African Development Bank has approved a budgetary allocation of $11.7 million to the African Fertilizer Financing Mechanism (AFFM) for its operations in 2023. This approval, combined with the $4.7 million carried over from the previous year, commits $16.4 million and demonstrates the bank’s readiness to facilitate access to fertilizers for African farmers. The funds will strengthen the fertilizer sector, improve policy reforms, and provide smallholder farmers with vital inputs and technical assistance.

Several projects will be implemented across the continent under the AFFM’s ambitious 2023 program of activities. Notably, commercial credit guarantee projects totaling $8.3 million will be carried out in Zimbabwe, Côte d’Ivoire, and Ghana. Additionally, trade credit guarantee schemes amounting to $9.7 million will be launched in Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, and Kenya. The AFFM also anticipates launching new projects in Senegal, Zambia, and Ghana, subject to the United States Agency for International Development’s commitment of $15 million.

These efforts align with the second pillar of the African Development Bank’s African Emergency Food Production Facility, aimed at mitigating the food crisis resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. By improving access to inputs and extension services, the AFFM seeks to enhance agricultural productivity, promote proper fertilizer use, and enhance soil conditions. Working closely with key stakeholders such as the International Fertiliser Development Centre and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, the AFFM will also conduct a comprehensive analysis of fertilizer policies in ten African countries to address existing gaps effectively.

As Africa faces numerous threats to food security, including conflicts, climate change, and disease, the AFFM’s work becomes even more vital. By bolstering agricultural productivity and ensuring access to fertilizers, the bank’s support is poised to empower African farmers and mitigate the adverse effects of these challenges. The AFFM’s strategic plan for the 2022-2028 period solidifies its commitment to improving fertilizer use and achieving the target of 50 kilograms of nutrients per hectare, contributing to long-term food security on the continent.

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