Direct Enterprises Revolutionizes Soil Health Solutions for American Farmers

Direct Enterprises, Inc. (DEI) is making waves in the agricultural industry with the official launch of its groundbreaking biological technology, Reclaim. Designed to enhance soil health, aid in crop residue breakdown, and optimize nutrient release timing, Reclaim marks DEI’s entry into the biological space and its commitment to supporting American farmers.

Bill Haubner, co-owner of DEI, expressed excitement about the product, stating, “We’ve seen great traction so far. Growers looking to be a part of the biological revolution must look at Reclaim. Just look at the soil health report data on; it tells the whole story.”

Reclaim stands out with its tailored formulation, featuring the highest concentration of key microbes specifically selected for rapid and efficient residue breakdown. By accelerating the decomposition of crop residue, Reclaim promotes faster soil warming, resulting in improved seed emergence and healthier plant stands. In addition, reduced crop residue translates to enhanced planter performance, saving growers valuable time and money.

Dennis Tauchen, co-owner of DEI, emphasized the importance of preparing the seedbed for optimal seed performance. He said, “Now, why would you take that carefully planned seed and put it in ill-prepared soil? It just doesn’t make sense. Reclaim is all about preparing the seedbed to protect that seed investment and ensure it has the optimal environment in which to thrive.”

With a 27-year track record in serving farmers across the country, DEI has been a trusted partner for seed treatment and seed-treating equipment. Their expansion into biologicals, such as Reclaim, demonstrates their commitment to providing industry-leading solutions for progressive growers seeking high-yield outcomes. Farmers can rely on DEI’s expertise and innovative products to revolutionize their soil health and unlock the full potential of their crops.

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