Uralchem published an ESG report for 2022

Uralchem published the ESG report for 2022, which reflects the key qualitative and quantitative results of activities in the field of sustainable development in terms of environmental, social and management aspects.

The ESG report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board reporting standards, and is guided by the recommendations of the Climate Financial Disclosure group. The report passed the procedure of public assurance by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

Below is information on some of the Company’s achievements for 2022 in the main areas of operational and project activities as part of the implementation of the ESG strategy of Uralchem.

As part of the environmental aspect, the Company reduced greenhouse gas emissions, increased energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption, as well as reduced water withdrawals. In the reporting period, Uralchem increased environmental protection spending by allocating about 2.7 billion rubles (approximately $29.9 million) for these purposes.

In the social direction, Uralchem continued to actively attract young professionals and expand cooperation with universities. The company increased its social investments to 686 million rubles (about $7.6 million) in order to develop the territories where it operates and improve the living conditions of its employees. In addition, in 2022, there were no cases of fatal injuries among employees, as well as accidents and fires.

One of the main strategic priorities of Uralchem is the development and support of sustainable agriculture and ensuring food security, including increasing the rational use of the company’s products by farms and providing quality agronomic services to customers. In 2022, Uralchem organized 79 agronomic literacy events attended by 13.25 thousand people.

In the context of the management aspect, the company continued to develop the risk management and anti-corruption system. Much attention was paid to the promotion of sustainable development practices along the supply chain. In 2022, Uralchem developed a supplier assessment system for compliance with ESG criteria and evaluated about 13% of its suppliers. The company also continued its digital transformation, including the launch of the Data Analytics School, a corporate educational project focused on training employees in modern data tools to automate daily work.

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