Stamicarbon secures licensing and proprietary equipment contracts for two urea plants in Africa

Stamicarbon, a nitrogen technology licensor of MAIRE Group based in the Netherlands, is making remarkable strides in Sub-Saharan Africa’s agricultural sector. Following the successful award of a license and process design package (PDP) contract last year, Stamicarbon has now secured licensing and proprietary equipment contracts for two 4000 MTPD urea plants in the region. These state-of-the-art plants, integrated into an ammonia and urea complex, will boast a combined capacity of 8,000 MTPD of urea, catering to the growing demand for high-quality fertilizers. Expected to be operational by 2026, the project promises to create local jobs and significantly impact global fertilizer production.

The innovative design of these world-scale plants incorporates cutting-edge technology to ensure efficiency and sustainability. Stamicarbon’s proven pool condenser with MP Flash design will substantially reduce energy consumption, while the fluid bed granulation technology in the granulation plant will enhance productivity. The integration of an off-gases acidic scrubbing system will minimize ammonia emissions, setting new standards for environmental responsibility in the industry. Additionally, the implementation of salt reworking technology will eliminate wastewater streams, further solidifying the complex’s commitment to sustainability.

Pejman Djavdan, CEO of Stamicarbon, expressed excitement about the project and highlighted its potential positive impact. By addressing the increasing demand for fertilizers across the Sub-Saharan region and beyond, the complex will play a pivotal role in supporting agriculture and food security. Moreover, the company’s commitment to pioneering with a higher purpose demonstrates a dedication to driving innovation in the fertilizer industry and promoting sustainable practices. With the project aiming to bring long-term benefits to the region, Stamicarbon looks forward to fostering a lasting relationship with its new customer and contributing to the growth and prosperity of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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