PhosAgro acted as a general partner of the All-Russian Field Day 2023

PhosAgro, one of the world’s largest producers of phosphorus fertilizers, became the general partner of the All-Russian Field Day, one of the main events of the Russian agricultural industry, which was held in Tatarstan this year.

As part of the field exposition, PhosAgro, in addition to the traditionally wide range of mineral fertilizers, presented promising solutions for Russian crop production: phosphogypsum and products based on it and the innovative plant growth stimulator Apasil, an adaptogen with a high content of biologically active silicon.

Phosphogypsum is actively used as an ameliorant and a component of the soil fertility restoration system. It contains calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, and other trace elements useful for plants. Numerous studies have confirmed its environmental safety, while the soil-improving and reclamation effects of phosphogypsum last five or more years. In turn, the use of phosphogypsum as a component of livestock litter improves the quality of life of animals, reduces the moisture content of the litter, and keeps birds and animals from hypothermia.

An important difference of the innovative biological product Apasil is the ability to accelerate the development of plants and form their resistance to stress to various external and biogenic factors, such as phytopathogens. It gives agricultural products special properties that cannot be achieved by other means, for example, the vitreousness of durum wheat.

“The Russian agro-industrial complex is PhosAgro’s priority consumer, which largely determines our development plans for the years to come. The full self-sufficiency of Russia with mineral fertilizers and ameliorants is an integral element of food security and sovereignty of the national agro-industrial complex. PhosAgro currently has 57 brands of mineral fertilizers in its product line, and we plan to expand it with biological fertilizers in the next 2-3 years. In addition, together with partners, we are developing products for Russian livestock breeders and we hope that we will present them at the next All-Russian Field Day,” said PhosAgro CEO Mikhail Rybnikov.

During the agricultural forum, PhosAgro took part in key panel sessions dedicated to the sustainable development of the Russian agro-industrial complex. Mikhail Sterkin, PhosAgro Deputy General Director for Sales, Marketing, and Logistics, acted as an expert at the Sustainable Agriculture panel discussion, where he spoke about complex mineral and organo-mineral plant nutrition as one of the foundations for integrating ESG principles into Russian agribusiness. In addition, representatives of the PhosAgro Group became speakers at the session “New types and technologies for the use of fertilizers and ameliorants in Russia”, organized by the Department of Crop Production, Mechanization, Chemicalization, and Plant Protection with the participation of the Russian Association of Fertilizer Producers.

Within the framework of the All-Russian Field Day 2023, Mikhail Sterkin was awarded the gratitude of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia for many years of conscientious work in the agro-industrial complex.

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