Russian Fertilizer Producers Association is celebrating its 15th anniversary

The Russian Fertilizer Producers Association (RFPA), an industry non-profit organization established by the largest Russian producers of mineral fertilizers, is celebrating its 15th anniversary.

Over the last 15 years, the industry has been demonstrating steady dynamic growth. Over the years of RFPA’s activity, domestic capacities for the production of mineral fertilizers have increased by over 1.5 times and reached 29.4 million tons in 2022. Having overtaken the USA and India, Russia occupies the 2nd place (after China) in production and 1st place in the supply of fertilizers to the world market. Russia remains the only country that fully provides itself with all the main types of mineral fertilizers and supplies them abroad. Thanks to this, Russia not only maintains food sovereignty but also confidently holds the world leadership in wheat exports.

The priority of the Russian market is the key principle of the industry development. Over 15 years, the consumption of fertilizers in the Russian agro-industrial complex has more than tripled and last year reached 5.8 million tons. Besides, the industry’s products are consistently in demand in the mining and manufacturing industries.

At the same time, Russia remains a reliable partner for farmers in more than 100 countries, with 70% of fertilizer exports to friendly developing countries. 1.5 billion people consume food grown with Russian fertilizers. Since 2008, the export of mineral fertilizers has grown 1.6 times and last year amounted to $19.3 billion.

Russian fertilizers meet the highest international environmental standards. As part of the instructions of the President Russia Vladimir Putin and with the direct participation of RFPA, the Green Standard mark was registered in the State Register, the corresponding certificate for the trademark was issued to the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia. Leading fertilizer manufacturers were the first to pass the rigorous certification process and receive the right to label their products with this mark.

As of today, the industry provides job for about 110 thousand people who are provided with extensive social support: health and recreation, education, improved working conditions, corporate housing programs, and social guarantees. In these areas, industry enterprises set the highest standards of care for employees.

Mineral fertilizer producers are actively involved in the implementation of social and charitable projects in the regions where they operate. In 2022 alone, the amount of funding for these projects amounted to 10 billion rubles (approximately $109.4 million).

“Over a decade and a half, the mineral fertilizer industry, hand in hand with the Russian agro-industrial complex, has undergone a profound transformation, thanks to which today our country is at the forefront of ensuring global food security. In many ways, this is the result of close cooperation between enterprises within the association, on the one hand, and the active work of RFPA with all interested partners in the Russian agro-industrial complex and the industrial sector, on the other,” noted RFPA President Andrey Guryev, who has headed the association since 2016.

Ten years ago, a new investment cycle started in the industry, and during this time, the RFPA members have invested about 1.8 trillion rubles (almost $20 billion) in the development. As a result of these investments, the industry has not only successfully overcome the risks of a protracted catch-up development but has provided one third of the total increase in the production of mineral fertilizers on the planet.

We have repeatedly confirmed our status as a technology leader and a reliable partner of the Russian agro-industrial complex. Today, more than 100 brands of mineral fertilizers and ameliorants are produced in Russia. Their effectiveness is tested within the framework of joint projects with research organizations and agricultural universities of the country, and modern digital services control it in the fields. Manufacturers continue to expand the range of products for agriculture, pursuing a policy of advanced introduction of new agronomic technologies in agricultural enterprises.

The industry still has significant potential for growth. According to RFPA estimates, in the next 5-7 years, the consumption of mineral fertilizers in Russia will exceed 11 million tons. To meet this need, the RFPA members plan to invest about 2 trillion rubles (about $22 billion) in the development of production capacities and regional logistics channels. And these investments, of course, will help strengthen the Russian agro-industrial complex and the national economy as a whole.

“We are grateful to our partners who support us in this development. We are confident that through joint efforts and a common vision of Russia as a guarantor of world food security, we will conquer new heights,” concluded Andrey Guryev.

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