Novosibirsk scientists want to create an agro-eco-technopark to produce organic fertilizers

The Tukos project team from the agro-engineering company AIK and ASI (Agency for Strategic Initiatives) came up with a proposal to create an agro-eco-technopark in Novosibirsk — a single research and production center for processing organic waste from the agro-industrial complex into granulated organic fertilizers.

As the ASI press service reports, the agro-eco-technopark will help reduce the environmental burden on the region. The facility will combine scientific partners and waste generators of the agro-industrial complex to create a production and technological complex with a testing center, an educational and scientific testing ground-laboratory and demonstration sites.

Thanks to the project, it will be possible to abandon the creation of manure storages and concrete waste sites. The construction of 720 such facilities would cost more than 14 billion rubles (almost $147.5 million).

According to the statement of Mikhail Melamed, General Director of AIK, in crop production, the sustainability of agriculture directly depends on the amount of organic matter contained in the soil. For the Novosibirsk region, this issue is extremely relevant.

The production of granulated organic fertilizers will reduce the volume of purchases of mineral fertilizers by 50%. Some of them, like phosphorus-potassium, are quite expensive. Annual savings can reach 3 billion rubles (over $31.5 million). In the future, the resulting fertilizers can be sold to the Omsk region, Altai and Kazakhstan.

According to the Center for Agroanalytics, today the volume of manure production in Russia has reached 45 million tons per year, which makes the idea of creating similar agro-eco-technoparks in other regions more relevant.

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