Bangladesh Officials Stimulate the Use of Organic Fertilizers by Local Farmers

The application of organic and compost fertilizers in crop cultivation has demonstrated the potential to substantially augment crop production while simultaneously curbing the reliance on chemical fertilizers, says Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) of Narsingdi, Bangladesh. The utilization of organic fertilizers not only bolsters agricultural productivity but also contributes to the preservation of ecology, biodiversity, and the overall environment. Furthermore, it plays a pivotal role in diminishing the vulnerability of crops to pest attacks. By integrating these alternatives, crop yields could witness an upswing of up to 15 percent, accompanied by an improved environmental outlook.

He confirmed that the district’s agricultural landscape has witnessed a commendable surge in the adoption and production of organic fertilizers across all six upazilas. Farmers have demonstrated a heightened inclination towards these sustainable practices, evidenced by the establishment of substantial reserves of compost, vermicompost, and farmyard compost fertilizers. The shift towards organic fertilizers, including resources like cow dung and water hyacinth, showcases a deliberate effort to sustain the fertility and productivity of cultivable land.

This transition is rooted in the awareness that recurrent dependence on chemical fertilizers leads to a decline in soil fertility. In contrast, the incorporation of compost fertilizers has demonstrated the capability to reverse this trend and amplify the soil’s nutritive value for crop cultivation. The Deputy Director emphasized that conventional chemical fertilizers typically encompass only a fraction of the essential nutrients required by plants. Conversely, enriched compost fertilizers, which amalgamate both biological and chemical constituents, offer a comprehensive nutrient profile that caters to a plant’s multifaceted growth and sustenance needs.

Source: Daily Sun

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