Topsoe advances in green ammonia with new Australian project

A global technology and energy transition solutions provider, Topsoe has contracted with Allied Green Ammonia to supply green ammonia technology for a new facility in Gove, Northern Territory, Australia. Allied’s plant, set to commence production between Q4 2028 and Q1 2029, aims to produce 2,500 metric tons of green ammonia daily. This product will primarily target the burgeoning Southeast Asian markets, where demand for eco-friendly e-fuels is on the rise.

This initiative is expected to generate approximately 2,000 construction jobs and 500 direct and indirect jobs over a 25-year period. The use of Topsoe’s technology could reduce CO2 emissions by an estimated 1.4 million tons annually, compared to traditional ammonia production methods.

Discussions are underway for Topsoe to also provide Allied with Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells (SOEC) for green hydrogen production. Integrating SOEC with Topsoe’s dynamic ammonia technology could enhance the overall energy efficiency of the production process.

Kim Hedegaard, CEO of Power-to-X at Topsoe, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, aligning with Topsoe’s goal to aid in achieving net-zero carbon emissions. The dynamic green ammonia solution will play a crucial role in producing e-fuels for energy-intensive industries and long-haul transportation.

Alfred Benedict, Founder & Managing Director of Allied, highlighted the project’s potential for achieving the lowest levelized cost of green ammonia production in Australia, thanks to the strategic location and existing infrastructure in Gove. The project has received strong support from the local Gumatj Corporation and the Northern Territory government.

Topsoe’s dynamic ammonia technology DynAMMO is designed to adjust green ammonia production in line with the variable supply of renewable electricity. This technology not only enables flexible production but also significantly reduces both capital and operational expenditures by minimizing the need for extensive hydrogen storage systems. Green ammonia is recognized as a crucial component in achieving net-zero emissions due to its dual role as a green fuel and a green fertilizer.

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