Harsco Environmental to showcase new fertilizer at COP28

Slag stones - the waste from iron ore, macro

Enviri Corporation announced on Monday that the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais has invited its subsidiary Harsco Environmental to present its new ecoproduct, AgroSilicio, at this year’s COP28 climate summit in the United Arab Emirates.

Enviri said that AgroSilicio is a fertilizer derived from steel byproducts, and has been approved for use by the Brazilian government. It added that the product has been successful in the markets in which it has been introduced.

The company explained that AgroSilicio is made by taking recycled steel slag and repurposing it as a calcium silicate-based product that has the characteristics of fertilizer and soil conditioner. It said the ecoproduct has numerous agricultural applications, and can be used, for instance, to correct chemical imbalances, address nutrient deficiencies, and remediate soil toxicity.

Enviri estimated that in 2022 the fertilizer reduced the carbon footprint of Minas Gerais by 80,000 tons, which it said would be equivalent to planting 570,000 trees.

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