CoBank’s 2024 outlook: economic trends shaping rural America

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Amidst a backdrop of economic challenges and resilience, CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange division has released its comprehensive outlook for 2024, highlighting the key forces set to shape the US rural economy. Despite the turbulence of recent years, including aggressive Federal Reserve interest rate hikes, the U.S. economy has shown remarkable steadiness. However, 2024 is anticipated to experience more significant economic headwinds, primarily due to persistent high prices impacting consumer spending.

Rob Fox, the director of CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange, notes the impact of sustained high prices on consumer behavior. With mental price expectations slow to adjust, consumers are increasingly adapting by reducing spending. This trend is expected to create stronger economic challenges in the coming year.

The report delves into several critical areas:

  • U.S. Agricultural Economy: Despite a drop in fertilizer prices, other production costs remain high, affecting farm incomes. The report forecasts a mixed outlook for agricultural commodities, influenced by factors such as a potential strong El Niño weather pattern, the declining U.S. dollar, and global demand trends.
  • Grains, Farm Supply & Biofuels: The sector is poised for shifts in 2024, with renewable diesel driving an expansion in soybean acreage. However, the sector faces challenges from fluctuating commodity prices and international market conditions.
  • Animal Protein: The U.S. livestock sector may see modest improvements in profitability, balancing lower feed costs against rising production expenses and global market dynamics.
  • Dairy: The dairy sector’s growth trajectory faces uncertainties, particularly in the context of global demand. Yet, lower feed costs and improved productivity could boost U.S. milk production.
  • Food & Beverage: Companies in this sector are navigating the limits of price elasticity, with consumer behavior increasingly influenced by the search for value amid elevated prices.
  • Power & Energy: The report underscores the global need for energy security amidst geopolitical conflicts and the ongoing energy transition. Oil prices and market volatility remain a significant concern for 2024.

CoBank, a cooperative bank serving various sectors across rural America, emphasizes the importance of understanding these trends to navigate the complexities of the rural economy effectively. It provides financial services, including loans, leases, and export financing. As a member of the Farm Credit System, CoBank supports agricultural businesses and rural infrastructure in all 50 states and operates from regional banking centers across the US and an international office in Singapore.

The full report, “The Year Ahead: Forces That Will Shape the U.S. Rural Economy in 2024,” offers a detailed analysis of these factors and their potential impact.

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