Loveland Products and Ascribe Bioscience join forces to introduce biofungicides to the US market

Farmer Spraying Pesticides on Agricultural Field. Tractor Spraying Young Corn with Fertilizer.

Loveland Products, Inc., an affiliate of Nutrien Ag Solutions, Inc., has formed a strategic partnership with Ascribe Bioscience, marking a significant step in the development and supply of advanced agricultural solutions. The collaboration focuses on the commercialization of two novel crop protection products that incorporate Ascribe’s biofungicide, Phytalix, into Loveland Products’ offerings. This initiative is set to revolutionize the U.S. row crop market, with plans to launch these products under the Loveland Products brand in the 2026 growing season.

Phytalix represents a breakthrough in biofungicide technology, characterized by its natural, non-toxic composition. This innovative molecule is designed to activate plant defenses, offering a broad-spectrum protection against various crop diseases. The collaboration between Loveland Products and Ascribe aims to address the growing challenge of fungal pathogen resistance to traditional chemical treatments. Preliminary phases of the partnership have already yielded promising results, with multi-crop and multi-year efficacy evaluations demonstrating enhanced performance when Phytalix is combined with traditional chemistries.

Casey McDaniel, Vice President of Loveland Products, emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting farmers’ objectives through innovative solutions. “Our team is dedicated to developing a proprietary line of products that effectively address the unique challenges faced by growers,” McDaniel stated. “Integrating Phytalix into our product lineup represents a significant advancement in our efforts to provide growers with effective tools to combat fungal diseases and manage resistance issues.”

Jay Farmer, CEO of Ascribe, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Nutrien, highlighting the potential of Phytalix to deliver performance and environmental benefits across millions of acres of corn, wheat, and soybeans in the U.S.

The commercial launch of these new products is anticipated in 2026, contingent upon the successful registration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This partnership not only signifies a major development in crop protection strategies but also underscores the evolving landscape of agricultural technology and its role in sustainable farming practices.

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