Amogy challenges misconceptions about ammonia

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Amogy Inc. has released a comprehensive white paper titled “Debunking Myths about Ammonia’s Safety and Scalability” that challenges prevailing misconceptions surrounding ammonia. The research was presented during the Ammonia Energy Association’s Annual Conference in Atlanta in November 2023

Historically recognized primarily as a fertilizer base, ammonia is stepping into the limelight as a viable alternative fuel, lauded for its high energy density. It’s increasingly seen as a key player in the quest to decarbonize sectors that have proven resistant to green transformation, notably maritime shipping and power generation. However, the widespread adoption of ammonia in these sectors has been hindered by a series of misconceptions regarding its production, transportation, storage, handling, and usage. The white paper from Amogy addresses and dispels these eight common myths, laying the groundwork for a more informed and nuanced understanding of ammonia’s potential.

Seonghoon Woo, CEO and co-founder of Amogy, emphasized the company’s dedication to enlightening the industry and the public about the significant role of ammonia in the renewable fuel landscape. Through this white paper, Amogy aims to catalyze a more comprehensive acceptance of ammonia, not just as an energy carrier but as a cornerstone in the clean energy solutions of tomorrow.

Since its inception in 2020, Amogy has been at the forefront of leveraging ammonia’s potential as a clean energy source. The company’s innovative ammonia-to-power systems are poised to revolutionize sectors traditionally seen as challenging to decarbonize, including shipping, power generation, and heavy-duty transportation.

Amogy’s technology has already marked milestones, notably powering a drone, tractor, and semi-truck. Currently, the team is making strides in the maritime sector by retrofitting a tugboat, set to become the world’s first ammonia-powered vessel. The company is planning to launch a $40 million manufacturing facility in Houston to spearhead the commercialization of its pioneering technology. The company has a solid investor base, including Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, AP Ventures, SK Innovation, Aramco Ventures, and Mitsubishi Corporation.

The white paper is now available for download on Amogy’s website.

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