UK farmers reminded to show photo ID to buy AN fertilizer

Big bag with chemical NPK fertilizer for plants

The UK’s Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) has reminded farmers that they need to provide photo ID in order to purchase ammonium nitrate (AN) fertilizer ahead of the spring application campaign.

Since October of last year, farmers have been required to prove their identity to their supplier as part of tighter regulations designed to prevent AN fertilizers from being purchased by criminals.

The UK Home Office amended the Control of Poisons and Explosives Precursors Regulations to include AN with a nitrogen content of 16% or more. The rule applies to all compounds, blends, and mixtures that exceed the threshold.

The AIC’s Head of Fertilizer, Jo Gilbertson, commented that ‘Spring is a critical period for timely fertiliser applications, so it’s important that farmers are fully aware of these new requirements to avoid delays when purchasing the products they need.

‘The AIC has been working with farming unions to ensure that the practicalities of this revised legislation are fully understood by farmers across the UK, making sure that they are well prepared for the changes,’ he added.

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