PhosAgro says fertilizer production hit record levels in 2023

Russia’s PhosAgro stated in a press release on Tuesday that in 2023 its production of agrochemical products increased to a record 11.3 million tonnes.

The company said that its output of mineral fertilizers increased by 2.1% year on year, reaching 11 million tonnes. It added that other agrochemicals accounted for the remaining 300,000 tonnes.

Phosagro reported that its production of DAP/MAP rose by 8.4%, to more than 4.5 million tonnes; its output of ammonium nitrate was up by 4.4%, hitting 723,000 tonnes; and its production of urea rose by 1.6%, totalling 1.7 million tonnes.

It also noted that in 2023 its production of key raw materials rose by 2.1% year on year, which it said was principally due to an increase in its manufacture of phosphoric and sulfuric acids, by 4.6% and 2.5% respectively.

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