PhosAgro joins Arab Fertilizer Association

Russia’s PhosAgro Group announced on Thursday that it has joined the Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA). The company said its accession was agreed during a meeting with the AFA on the sidelines of the second Russia–Africa Summit, in July 2023.

The AFA, which operates under the aegis of the Council of Arab Economic Unity, brings together 180 key players in the global fertilizer industry – including OCP Group, Ma’aden, and SABIC – with a view to sharing expertise and promoting a sustainable food system.

Phosagro said it is the first Russian company to join the organization, which, according to its website, has members from 27 countries.

Phosagro noted that Arab states account for around 68% of global production of, and 50% of trade in, triple superphosphate; 37% of global production of diammonium phosphate; around 70% of global trade in phosphate rock; and 41% of global trade in urea.

PhosAgro’s CEO, Mikhail Rybnikov, commented that “The AFA’s goal of coordinating efforts to provide farmers around the world with nutrients, to make food systems more sustainable, and to eliminate hunger is in line with our mission.

“Participation in the Association’s committees and working groups will enable PhosAgro experts to discuss the international agenda concerning the sustainable use of fertilizers and food security, while also facilitating the exchange of best practices among industry leaders.”

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