BiOWiSH says its fertilizer enhancer is enjoying global success

Organic Crops Grow on Fertile Farm Field in California. Vegetables in a row, clear skies and mountains in the background.

BiOWiSH Technologies announced on Wednesday that its BiOWiSH Crop Liquid, a microbial fertilizer enhancer, is now being used on over five million acres of farmland worldwide.

The Ohio-based company said that – partly as a result of partnerships with SABIC Agri-Nutrients, Syngenta MAP (Modern Agricultural Program), ADM, and PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer – farmers in the US, China, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, and Vietnam have been able to incorporate BiOWiSH products into their fertility programs, and have been experiencing impressive results in the process.

BiOWiSH noted that third-party trials have shown that its technology, averaged across all crops globally, delivers an 86% win rate and a 7.7% yield increase, and performs well on a diverse range of crops in a variety of climates. It added that the bio-enhanced fertilizer arrives on-farm ready to use, eliminating the need for separate applications, fermentation, or special equipment.

The company pointed out that its BiOWiSH Crop Liquid is one of the few microbial fertilizer enhancements that is recommended for coating straight urea. It said that adding BiOWiSH directly to fertilizer creates a new class of Bio-Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer, allowing farmers to benefit from improved nutrient use efficiency and optimized yield potential.

BiOWiSH’s president, Rod Vautier, commented: “We’ve seen global success in reducing nitrogen use while increasing or maintaining yield across numerous geographies. Furthermore, optimizing nutrient use efficiency enhances agricultural productivity and helps to minimize the loss of nutrients to unproductive pathways, and also aids in reducing the carbon footprint of the agricultural supply chain.”

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