CP Foods supports Thai farmers with recycled water during drought season

Thailand’s agro-industrial and food conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) has adopted a sustainable approach to water management by offering local farmers treated water from its biogas production systems at layer complexes. The initiative, part of the company’s ‘Recycled Water Sharing’ program, aims to alleviate the challenges of water scarcity during drought seasons and enhance the resilience of the country’s agricultural sector.

Mr. Somkid Wannalukkhee, Head of the Layer Business at CP Foods, highlighted the critical water shortages farmers face in proximity to the Layer Complexes, which are involved in layer hen farming and egg sorting operations. To combat this, CP Foods’ layer business units have provided biogas-treated wastewater for crop irrigation, distributing approximately 181,000 cubic meters of water in 2023 to irrigate over 145 hectares of land. This land supports a variety of crops, including oil palm, watermelon, pumpkin, sugarcane, corn, and Napier grass, significantly benefiting the farming communities by ensuring a steady water supply.

The company’s commitment to a ‘zero discharge’ policy, which entails no release of treated wastewater from its poultry farms and processing plants, underlines its dedication to sustainable water use. Recycled water is not only used for watering trees and gardens within CP Foods’ operations but also shared with neighboring farmers to support their crops during drought conditions.

Farmers utilizing this treated water have reported it to be as beneficial as ‘fertilizer water’, enriched with three key organic nutrients essential for crop growth, leading to increased productivity and reduced fertilizer costs. Notable beneficiaries include La Dunai, an oil palm farmer who reported a 20% increase in yield and income, and Wirot Jaiduong, a Napier grass farmer in Chiang Mai, who has achieved up to four harvests a year and significantly lowered his fertilizer expenses thanks to the treated water.

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