NextChem acquires GasConTec

Maire announced this week that NextChem has committed to acquiring 100% of GasConTec Gmbh (GCT), a Germany-based company that specializes in technology development and process engineering. Maire said that GCT owns over 80 patents related to, and has expertise in, the synthesis of low-carbon products such as hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, olefins, gasoline, and integrated methanol/ammonia processes.

It noted that GCT’s portfolio includes Autothermal Reforming (ATR), a technology that is able to produce low-carbon hydrogen with very high rates of carbon capture. The process delivers high hydrogen yields while minimizing external energy requirements, ensuring efficiencies and cost-effectiveness, it added.

Maire said that GCT’s technologies will complement NextChem’s offering in key segments, facilitating mutual growth as well as enhancing Maire’s value proposition in energy transition industrial solutions, boosting its commercial reach.

The agreement sets the total acquisition cost at €30 million. Maire said this will be paid in two parts: €15 million within two years of the deal’s being finalized, subject to the achievement of specific milestones; and additional payments of up to €15 million, contingent upon the successful execution and performance of certain licensing agreements related to GCT technologies within seven years of the deal’s closing.

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