Nachurs Alpine Solutions launches new biostimulant line

Cornfield with multiple rows of corn. Green and yellow

The specialty chemical business Nachurs Alpine Solutions (NAS) on Thursday announced the launch of a new product line in its agriculture portfolio – NACHURS Enduro-Shield.

The company, which is a division of Wilbur-Ellis, described its Enduro-Shield offering as a one-of-a-kind biostimulant created using a highly concentrated seaweed extract.

NAS said the technology, which is produced using a cold-press manufacturing process that preserves the beneficial compounds in Ascophyllum nodosum, will help farmers to improve their yields while reducing their environmental impact.

The company said that the initial product is NACHURS Moneyball, a micronutrient blend that combines its Enduro-Shield biostimulant with boron (B), copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), molybdenum (Mo), cobalt (Co), and fulvic acid.

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