Coromandel passes 16,000 acres of farmland drone coverage

Drone spraying pesticide on wheat field. 3D illustration

India’s Coromandel International Limited recently announced that it has exceeded 16,000 acres of farmland coverage through its Gromor Drive initiative, which utilizes drones for agricultural spraying.

The Executive Director of Nutrient Business at Coromandel International Limited, Sankarasubramanian S, commented that, “Aligned with our goal of augmenting farmer prosperity and alleviating the strenuous physical demands of agricultural labor, we launched the Gromor Drive. This initiative has significantly altered the agricultural landscape in India, marking us as the first fertilizer company to attain such a feat. The rapid adoption of this technology by farmers in the key southern states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is a testament to its effectiveness and the positive reception from the agricultural community.”

The Gromor Drive is designed to address some of the challenges faced by modern farmers, reducing the reliance on manual labor while improving crop quality and promoting sustainable farming practices. With a strong understanding of farmers’ needs and an established rural network, Coromandel says it is well-positioned to extend its drone spraying services across various geographic locations, ensuring that farmers everywhere can benefit from its technology.

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