BIOR Biotech unveils groundbreaking soil microorganism cultivation technology

BIOR Biotech has launched the world’s first technology capable of affordably and continuously cultivating soil microorganisms. After years of extensive research and development, the company’s innovative ‘BIOR’ (BIO Reactor) technology promises to revolutionize farming practices by promoting soil health, enhancing plant growth, and significantly reducing the reliance on synthetic fertilizers.

The BIOR technology is a unique, first-of-its-kind system that enables the continuous cultivation of essential soil microorganisms directly on farms. This cutting-edge machine automates the entire process, from preparation and cultivation to ongoing quality inspections, powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI). During operation, the system meticulously monitors and controls over 15 crucial process parameters, ensuring optimal conditions for microorganism growth.

Among the numerous benefits of this groundbreaking technology are:

  • Up to a 75% reduction in nitrogen fertilizer costs and usage.
  • Near-zero CO2 emissions, promoting sustainability.
  • Potential return on investment (ROI) within less than a year, depending on farm size.
  • Fully automated and AI-powered operation, minimizing human intervention.
  • Enhanced plant growth, improved resilience to disease, drought, and various stresses.
  • Minimal operational costs and low energy consumption.
  • A unique autonomous microscopy system for qualitative and quantitative quality control.

With an estimated 650 million farms worldwide, BIOR Biotech anticipates that approximately 13 million farms could see their investment in the BIOR technology pay for itself within two years. The company is poised to reach the market by the end of 2024 and aims to deliver at least 1,000 units to farmers in 2025.

“Every piece of soil on planet Earth contains all the nutrients plants need to grow,” stated a BIOR Biotech representative. “The problem is that these nutrients are not directly available to the plants; they need microorganisms to assist in making them accessible. Our technology solves this challenge, enabling farmers to cultivate these vital microorganisms on-site, promoting sustainable agriculture and reducing the reliance on synthetic fertilizers.”

As the world grapples with the need for more sustainable farming practices, BIOR Biotech’s innovative solution could pave the way for a greener future in agriculture, fostering soil health and reducing the environmental impact of fertilizer usage.

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