AgroLiquid breaks new ground with first-ever biostimulant certification

AgroLiquid, a leading provider of crop nutrition products, has secured the nation’s first-ever biostimulant certification for its innovative product, PrimAgro C-Tech. This prestigious recognition from The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) affirms AgroLiquid’s adherence to rigorous industry standards for efficacy, safety, and composition.

The announcement was made during a ceremony at AgroLiquid’s corporate headquarters on Monday, where CEO Nick Bancroft was joined by TFI President and CEO Corey Rosenbusch to celebrate this historic milestone.

“We are thrilled to have earned the Certified Biostimulant label from TFI,” Bancroft said. “With the rising popularity of biostimulant products among growers, this certification provides both retailers and end-users with the confidence that PrimAgro C-Tech meets the rigorous standards outlined in the U.S. Biostimulant Industry Guidelines.”

TFI’s Biostimulant Certification Program was established to provide assurances to manufacturers, agricultural retailers, and growers alike, addressing the industry’s need for a standardized assessment process for these relatively new products. By focusing on efficacy method testing, safety, and composition, the program aims to build trust among stakeholders and foster the advancement of sustainable agricultural practices.

“For a farmer, it gives them confidence that this product is legitimate and that it has gone through proper steps to test on the field. It gives the agronomist that’s making those recommendations more confidence as well,” Rosenbusch explained.

To earn the TFI biostimulant certification, product manufacturers must undergo a rigorous application process, providing proof of meeting required standards. These applications are then vetted by TFI and independent third-party agronomists, with those failing to meet the criteria being rejected.

“For AgroLiquid, this certification serves as a testament to our adherence to manufacturing standards and meticulous testing protocols,” Bancroft emphasized. “It empowers agricultural retailers to confidently evaluate products for shelf placement while providing growers with the assurance of compliance with industry standards.”

PrimAgro C-Tech, a Bacillus species-containing fertilizer, combines organic acids and live strains of bacteria designed to optimize nutrient uptake and metabolism while preventing nutrient loss through leaching. According to Bancroft, it can be applied independently or combined with various fertilizer products, offering flexible application methods without requiring extra time or energy.

As the first product to receive this prestigious certification, PrimAgro C-Tech sets a new benchmark for the biostimulant industry, paving the way for increased confidence and trust among growers and retailers alike.

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