ProGro BIO tackles sustainable farming projects in Liberia

ProGro BIO has announced successful outcomes from its collaboration with Sustainable Liberia, a US non-profit organization dedicated to creating sustainable communities in Liberia. ProGro BIO provided its 100% natural and organic microbial soil inoculant, Rhizol, along with application expertise to support agricultural projects in Frank Town and Careysburg, Liberia.

Rhizol was used on a variety of crops, including tomatoes, peppers, basil, collards, and corn. The initiative aimed to enhance economic empowerment within these communities by improving crop yields and agricultural productivity. The partnership with Sustainable Liberia, founded by Dr. Jessy Togba-Doya, aligns with the non-profit’s mission to counter hopelessness through infrastructure restoration, economic empowerment, leadership development, evangelism and discipleship, and education and job training.

Dr. Togba-Doya, a native of Balama, Liberia, expressed gratitude for the collaboration with ProGro BIO. “In the absence of commercial fertilizer due to exorbitant costs, Rhizol has been a miracle for our community gardens. Comparisons between our Rhizol-treated and untreated garden plots were astounding, including higher levels of retained moisture, lower levels of weed growth, and more vibrant and lush yielding plants,” said Dr. Togba-Doya.

Blake Young, ProGro BIO’s Chief Executive Officer, highlighted the significance of this partnership. “We were honored to work with Sustainable Liberia on this project. Our mission to advance sustainable and regenerative agriculture aligns perfectly with the goals of Sustainable Liberia. The results achieved in Liberia demonstrate the efficacy of our microbial soil inoculant, Rhizol, and its potential to empower and support less fortunate communities.”

ProGro BIO is an AgTech microbial sciences company specializing in all-natural organic microbial formulations. These formulations, including Rhizol, are the result of three decades of research and development. When properly applied, Rhizol can increase crop yields, accelerate plant growth, strengthen soil to defend against pathogens and parasitic nematodes, and enhance drought resistance.

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