Teenager in India designed a multi-purpose solar-powered farming machine

In India’s city of Jhalawar, Rajasthan, 18-year-old Ramdhan Lodha has developed a solar-powered machine designed to assist small-scale farmers by performing multiple agricultural tasks simultaneously. The device, which can clean weeds, drill seeds, spray fertilizer, and lay manure, aims to alleviate the physical strain of farming and improve productivity.

Lodha, who grew up in a farming family, was moved by the challenges he observed, including the laborious tasks that his father, Rajaram Lodha, faced daily. Witnessing his father struggle with manual fertilizer spraying inspired him to address these hardships through innovation.

Funded initially by prize money from science competitions, Lodha’s project began almost three years ago. His invention combines traditional farming tools with modern technology, featuring a solar panel and a battery for operation during cloudy days. This design allows for customization according to the needs of the farm and can be folded for easy transport, making it particularly beneficial for farmers with small landholdings.

Several awards supported the machine’s development, including a recent 100,000 Indian Rupee ($1,200) prize from the Indian Silicon Valley challenge, which Lodha won for his innovative approach to sustainable farming solutions.

Ramdhan Lodha’s venture not only underscores the potential of youth innovation in addressing agricultural challenges but also highlights the shift towards sustainable practices in farming. With ambitions to become an entrepreneur rather than seeking a conventional job, Lodha is focused on refining his machine and expanding its use among farmers across India. His goal is to make agricultural processes less labor-intensive and more cost-effective, thereby enhancing the livelihoods of small farmers throughout the country.

Source: TheBetterIndia

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