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The Armando Alvarez Group of Companies is the largest Spanish converter of plastic polyethylene film for the agricultural and mining industries. Silage, mulch and greenhouse cover films, crop and grain bags, geomembranes are just part of the company’s assortment. The Group consists of a series of top-quality companies that complement each other with an extruded PE materials volume of some 400,000 tons and a turnover of some 980 million Euros per year.


The company’s product line consists of the versatility of products and formats for different sectors: dry goods, food for animals, chemical fertilizers, salt, chemical products, substrata and compost.


Address: Avda. Pablo Garnica, 2039300 Torrelavega – Cantabria

Phone: +34 942 84 61 00

Fax: +34 942 89 38 31


Key figure: José Ramón Alvarez
Founded: 1964 | Number of employees: 2600
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