Kama sapropel


The current plant for the production of minerals and feedstuffs Kama sapropel near Naberezhnye Chelny put up for sale for 350 million rubles.
According to the announcement on the Business Asset Exchange site, all three co-owners are urgently selling the plant due to the lack of ownership of their own funds for the development of production. The owners of the enterprise expect to receive an advance of 30%.
It is noted that on the territory of the plant there is cex (1.9 thousand square meters), a warehouse (1.1 thousand square meters) and an administrative and residential company (0.7 thousand square meters). There is also a production base with a water well and a modular boiler room. Railways laid to the enterprise.
According to Kartoteka.ru, the Kamsky Sapropel Trading and Production Company was registered in the village of Betki, Tukaevsky District in 2010. At the end of 2013, the small enterprise was owned by entrepreneurs Ildar Vazykhov (51%), Rishat Mukhamadyarov (36%) and Radis Khuzin (13%). The latter is the director of the company.
In 2017, Kama Sapropel received revenue of 182.5 million rubles, the company’s profit before tax amounted to 0.4 million rubles, net profit is unknown.
The plant completed the previous year with a net loss of 16.3 million rubles. with revenue of 109.7 million rubles. The property of the company was mortgaged until 2020 in the Russian Bank for the Support of Small and Medium Enterprises and in the bankrupt
Kazan Bank Spurt.

Key figure: Vazykhov Ildar Tagirovich
Founded: 2010 | Number of employees:
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