Scientific-Industrial Company «PolymerOrgsynthese», Ltd. was founded in St-Petersburg in 2007 with the purpose of implementation of new scientific ideas and technological developments in the field of organic polymer chemistry and agriculture.

Our company has developed a new type of fertilizer based on polymeric complexes of essential nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, borium and microelements — liquid mineral polymeric fertilizer ZELENIT® that has proved its high efficiency while being applied at agricultural enterprises as well as at private subsidiary farming.

Especially for those who cultivate houseplants it was developed a new series of treatment means for indoor plants — aerosol fertilizer ZELENIT® and ZELENIT-Super Concentrate.

On the same basis, for growing plants in gardens we produce Zelenit “Smart Fertilizer” that provides sharp increase in yield.

Fertilizers ZELENIT are protected by patents of the RF No108035, No2401824, German patent No.21.2011 100 191.4 and have been recognized by non-professional floriculturists as well as by agricultural producers.

ZELENIT — new achievements in the field of modern scientific technologies – now at your disposal!

Key figure: Petropavlovsky Andrey Gennadievich
Founded: 2007 | Number of employees: 10
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